Salvation on Vacation?

leaky boatWhat fisherman (or woman) would take a vacation from maintaining their boat? Who would ignore a leak in their craft and wait until the leak became a hole and their boat sank underneath them? No one that I know of. Instead, a good fisherman (or woman) takes the time to maintain their vessel, making sure to fix the little problems before they can turn  into big problems. It is important to stay current with a boat’s upkeep so that the investment that has gone into it is not lost due to neglect. Should we be any less diligent with our salvation? I think not. The same faithfulness with which we protect our earthly investments needs to be exercised in the safeguarding of our salvation. Click on the arrow below to learn about protecting our heavenly investment in Sunday’s message by Pastor Marlan.



Here is Sunday’s bulletin. It’s a new and improved format – thanks Vanda! 02-08-15 Bulletin


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