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Date Night

Great time at the Parent’s Date Night! For a first time we had quite a few kids. If you missed the Date Night free child care this month you can get in on the deal for March. We will be hosting another Date Night Wednesday, March 18th 6:30-8:30 PM. Thank you to everyone who helped out, and thank you to the parents who participated for allowing us to care for your kids.

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March Coffeehouse

chYou are invited to join us for an evening of fun – for free. JCC’s Coffeehouse will be open for business Sunday, March 1st at 5 PM. Come enjoy live music, a free self serve coffee bar, snacks, and a great time hanging out with friends. You don’t have to attend JCC regularly; everyone is welcome to head on over to our place. If you would like more information you can email or call 907-301-4803.  See you Sunday evening at 5 PM.

Last Chance This Month

pdn feb 2015Last chance this month to sign up for the Parent’s Date Night at JCC. Click on the sign up tab of this blog, click on the form and fill it out and email it to Then drop your kids off tomorrow evening from 6:30-8:30 PM for a night out with your sweetheart – or just a night out for yourself for that matter – with free child care.  There will be a snack bar available with items for a small amount of money (nothing over $1.50) for the kids to purchase.

Church Membership – Why Bother?

Sometimes we humans may balk at the notion of church membership. Why bother joining a church family when you can just slip in the back whenever you feel like it and come and go as you please? Yet we humans think it’s the height of cool-ness to join a golf club, flying club, a fitness club, weight loss club, or sorority; you name it we join it. We plunk down the money, sign on the dotted line, and never bat an eye or think twice about it. So why the reticence to join a local  church fellowship? Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Marlan’s message encouraging us to rethink our negative view of church membership.

Here are the links to the two videos Pastor Marlan showed prior to beginning his message. They’re only a few minutes each, so take a listen!

Here are a couple of pictures of JCC’s new members that were honored in the Sunday morning service.

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And finally the bulletin from Sunday  02-22-15 Bulletin

House of God

A little something to think about as we prepare for our weekend worship services from Christine Caine

“The word “church” comes from the Greek word ecclesia, which is defined as “an assembly” or “called out ones.” The root meaning of “church” doesn’t pertain to a building but rather to a people. That’s you and me! The apostle Paul as the Body of Christ. This would suggest life and activity.

This concept came alive to me one day when Nick and I were visiting a 200-year-old European cathedral, one of the most majestic every constructed. Though it was beautiful to look at, there was no sign of a living, active Body of Christ. A sign erected for tourists told us that once upon a time, it had been the center of community life. It had served not only as a house of worship but also as the major social justice agency, the main relief organization, and the primary center for medical and aged care. This church had not been limited to the four walls of a cathedral. Quite the opposite, her influence and reach had gone far beyond the confines of the bricks and mortar that constituted her physical structure.

The church had really been the Church in the community and was not just doing church in a building. The congregants had been living from the inside out— not only loving God with all their hearts, souls, and minds but also loving their neighbors as themselves. But where had all those believers gone? Why had the building outlasted the church in this community? Why were people no longer worshiping God in this place? How does something that starts out as a dynamic, living organism—part of the Body of Christ—end up as a dead monument, nothing more than a tourist attraction? And if this church was not a living church, who was actually loving the people who lived in this neighborhood?

I have discovered that a church loses its life and effectiveness at the point it stops being the church that God created her to be and starts going through the motions of doing church. What is true for the individual Christian remains true for the corporate Body of Christ. As long as a local church is actively involved in the lives of those who live in the community, it remains alive, dynamic, vibrant, and healthy. This kind of church—the kind the cathedral once was—is, at its core, what God created it to be.

Point to Ponder

Have you ever thought of yourself as being a living, breathing part of the Church? You are as long as you are vitally joined with Christ and the members of Christ’s Body.”


(c) 2015 Christine Caine Used with permission

Fun Friday

We’ve got a full dose of the good stuff coming up tonight, February 20th at 6:30 PM.


Guys – JCC Men’s Ministry meets at the church building 4335 Laurel Street


Ladies and Guys – Create & Connect craft night will meet at the church building this month 4335 Laurel Street in the Conference room. We will be beautifying postcards that the church sends out by stamping or hand drawing designs on them.


Come join us and spend a fun, productive evening relaxing with friends.

Sock-it-to-Me Plus

This year’s Sock-it-to-Me ministry added a couple of new items to the annual sock drive. JCC members and their friends were invited to donate new and gently used blankets and coats as well as new, warm socks. For a small congregation this was a big order, but the people responded with a nice sized collection of various sizes of coats, hats, socks, blankets, and sweaters. We were able to provide 14 families with the donated items as well as some of the teens at Covenant House. In addition many of the homeless brothers who attend JCC’s Sunday morning pre-service breakfast received some new socks.

Thank you to everyone that donated coats, hats, scarves, socks, and blankets to this ministry, and thank you to those who donated their time to help prep the items for distribution and those that made the delivery runs Tuesday morning.

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teen outreach