More Than Yesterday’s Leftovers

When my spouse and I were married I saved the top part of the wedding cake. Ten years later I found it in my mom’s freezer and opened it. My poor husband was horrified when I offered him a piece, adamant that he wasn’t going to eat something that had been in the freezer ten years. Who wants to eat something that has been hanging around in cold storage that long? Yet, do we not sometimes do that very thing in our spiritual lives? We reminisce about how on fire we were or all the things that we did when we were first saved, and how much we loved Jesus.  All very well and good, but what about now? We don’t want to eat out dated food because it’s no longer fresh and good, but is an outdated relationship any better for us? We want – and need – fresh food for our bodies to flourish and be healthy. Likewise we need fresh experiences, up-to-date daily communion with God for our souls to flourish. Click on the arrow below and listen to Pastor Marlan’s message on making sure your relationship with God isn’t based on yesterday’s leftovers.


Here is this week’s bulletin  JCC Bulletin 01-11-15



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