You Have to Know Who to Trust

Today’s devotional by Rev. Wayne Palmer encourages us to trust in the only one who is truly worthy of our trust.

“This week in church we light the third candle in the Advent wreath. Traditionally, and still in many churches today, that candle is a different color from the others. It is a reminder to turn our attention to Christ Jesus who is different from all other people. He is absolutely trustworthy and able to handle every single problem that could possibly come our way.

Are you hoping for a “perfect Christmas” this year? What are you counting on to make it perfect? Is it the perfect present under the tree? Is it getting all the presents bought and wrapped? Is it getting every string of lights onto your house and your Christmas tree and then keeping them lit all through the holiday season? Will it be the perfect Christmas if you are able to get each member of your family to join you? Will it be perfect if everyone is healthy?

How often do our hopes and aspirations for Christmas — and for life itself — depend on our accomplishments or someone else coming through for us? Whenever you have placed your confidence in an Internet business, a department store, or the forecast of the local meteorologist, how many times have you been disappointed at Christmas because you or somebody else has failed?

There is only one safe place to set our hope, and that is in the God who made the heavens and the earth. He alone has the power to do all we need. He alone loves us enough to give us more than we can ask or imagine. He is the God who became human and lived among us. He is God who laid down His life on the cross and rose again in glory for us. He is the God who walks along with us and guides us to our heavenly home. Our hope is in Jesus Christ our only Savior, for whose sake our Heavenly Father stands at the end of life’s road with His arms widespread, waiting to welcome us into His heavenly Kingdom.

THE PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Your Son to be our Lord and Savior. Forgive us for placing so much trust in ourselves or in others. Teach us to rely on Jesus Christ alone for He can never fail us. In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.”


(c) 2014 Rev Wayne Palmer Used with Permission


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