The Greatest Servant of All

pouring waterQuite often when someone passes from this life to the next people nod solemnly and assure the bereaved that the loved one has “gone to a better place”. Jesus flipped that saying on it’s head when He came to earth. He left the better place and came here to earth to partake in our human experience, to live among us, suffer, and die for our sins. All throughout His earthly ministry Jesus served those around Him. The good, the bad, and the ugly, friend and foe found themselves at the receiving end of Jesus’ kindness, compassion, and service at one point in time or another during His time on earth. In today’s message Pastor Marlan talked about Jesus’ gift of service to the world. Click on the arrow below to listen to the sermon. Let’s  determine in our hearts to follow in the Master’s footsteps and serve the world around us.



Here is this week’s bulletin JCC Bulletin 12-14-14


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