Communion: A String Around Our Finger

string fingerIf you’re like me, your mom told you to tie a string around your finger to help remind you of something you needed to remember. Nowadays we’ve got our smart phones, laptops with computerized calendars that send you little messages about things you shouldn’t forget. And, of course, there’s always the little yellow stickies on the bathroom mirror as a back up reminder. What ever did we do before yellow stickies? Just as we have important things in the natural that we need to be reminded of, we humans need also to be reminded of the importance of the spiritual in our lives. Communion is God’s little string around our finger to help us remember Christ and what He did for us on the cross. In all of the busy-ness of our lives may we always remember that most important of all things! Click on the arrow below to listen to today’s message, and take time today to remember.



Here is the November newsletter  November 2014 newsletter


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