Ridiculously Large Quantities of Fun

miss muffet 2It was difficult to tell who had more fun at JCC’s Trunk or Treat event – the kids getting the candy or the ones handing it out hand over fist. Costumed workers began arriving around 4 PM to get ready for the evening’s festivities. Cowboys, bunnies, pirates, mages, pilots, flower children, fisher ladies,Miss Muffet, even a dancing angel and a Duck Dynasty look alike got busy decorating their vehicles, setting up tables, prepping the gigantic hoard of candy that had been collected for distribution, and making  coffee and cocoa to warm frosty patrons. Soon the parking lot  was sporting a interesting array of decked out cars and trucks. A pirates cave, a flower child’s van, some creepy, spider webby becandled trunks, an angry birds station, Miss Muffet’s tuffet, and a host of other creative candy stations. After quickly gobbling down some pizza and guzzling hot cocoa the crew headed out the door to great the first of the sugar hungry pack of ghouls that came to collect the buckets and barrels of sugary goodness that awaited them. A little over 50 of the Halloween specters came and went in a steady stream all evening, stopping only to warm up with a hot drink and get signed up for the drawings.

Thank you to everyone who donated candy and those volunteered their time to decorate, hand out candy, set up, and tear down after the event. Kudos to Nick and Rachael Humphreys for spearheading the event. They spent a great deal of time preparing for the outreach, coordinating volunteers, handing out flyers, and all of the other 101 things that come with hosting such a large event.

amber n allyssa angry birds 3 big angry bird bonnie 2 bonnie captain n flower child dancing angel duck d faith flower child grace joy miss muffet my tnt nick n rachael 1 P1020359


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