Just One More Time

Just one more time;  a phrase we hear – and perhaps say – often. You hear it in the mall when a little tyke want to ride the little car or fire truck “just one more time”. Or at the fair; I’ll try this game “just one more time” in hopes that surely this time we can win that prize. Or when there’s a call in contest on the radio “just one more time” maybe I’ll be the lucky caller. Sunday’s message taken from 2 Kings 5 is about trying just one more time. Naaman was a leper seeking to be healed from the dreaded scourge that slowly, and literally, ate away his very life. At the encouragement of his servant Naaman tried just one more time and received the miraculous healing he had longed for. Click on the arrow to listen to the message, and make the determination today that you won’t give up.



Here is this week’s bulletin – lots going on; be sure to download and keep it handy!  bulletin 10-12-2014


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