Shield of Faith

battleImagine with me, if you will, a scene from a medieval field of battle. Enemy soldiers are arrayed against our heroes, swords drawn and arrows nocked, awaiting the word from their commander to attack. The enemy general nods and the swords swing into action and the arrows fly. Our heroes valiantly fight back, but wait; something isn’t quite right here. While the good guys are dressed in their best armor, they have no shields. We shake our heads in astonishment. What? Are they crazy? Do they have a death wish or something? What soldier in their right mind goes to battle without their shield? And we would be quite right in or assessment of these hapless, soon to be overrun soldiers. Yet how many of us as Christ followers fail to go into the battles against the evil one and his minions that we face on a daily basis minus our shield? Listen to Sunday’s message by Mike Fields and learn the importance of our shield, how to keep our shield in good repair, and how to use it effectively in battle.

Here is this week’s bulletin for those of you who may have missed it.
Bulletin 8-10-2014 final


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