Building Bridges

Today’s devotional is from Holley Gerth. Lord, help us be bridge builders!

“Jesus didn’t climb ladders…He built bridges.
Instead of reaching up for success He reached out in love.
We can do the same.
Because God isn’t looking for “success stories.” He’s looking for servants.
He’s not choosing the “best and brightest.” He’s using the obedient.
He’s not putting a call out for “entertainers.” He’s searching for encouragers.
You are a bridge builder too, friend.
When you smile at your coworker.
When you stretch out a hand to someone different than you.
When you pick up the phone and call that person who just needs someone to listen.
No one may know. No one may see. There will probably not be a headline, tweet or Facebook status about it.
But it matters.
More than you know.
More than you can see.
Not just for today…but for eternity.
We build bridges for God’s love to travel across. And we never know just how far it will go.”

(c)2014 Holley Gerth Used with Permission


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