Jesus died on the cross so that our sin could be done away with and we could be reconciled to God. He desires to have fellowship with us and live lives connected to Him. However, it is imperative that our connections and fellowship with one another remain unbroken so that our connection with the Father can be strong. Judging one another and holding bitterness and unforgiveness in our hearts hinders not only communion with one another within the body of Christ, but it also chokes off that deep, meaningful communion with God. Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Marlan’s message on how passing judgment on the family of God can break off communion with God, and how to get free of the habit of pre-judging – prejudice – and restore communion with the Father.

Click here for this week’s bulletin. Thank you to Alicia for doing this week’s bulletin.
Bulletin 7-27-2014 final


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