We Believe

“Go with the flow” is somewhat of a popular term indicating the benefits of going along with popular ways of thinking, doing, and being. While “going with the flow” may work well if you’re tubing down the river, it does not work so well in the arena of faith. It is vital to know what you believe and why you believe it. Occasionally on TV you will see a large group of individuals chanting and holding signs demonstrating in favor of or against one thing or another. When TV reporters interview some of the people in the crowd two main types of participants emerge: the ones who know why they’re there and whole heartedly believe in whatever cause they are a part of, and the ones who just thought it sounded like a good thing to do. They may not even be fully aware of what they’re taking part it; they just were “going with the flow”.

The Apostles Creed is a powerful statement of the tenets of the Christian faith. The Creed makes expansive declarations that encapsulate the foundational beliefs of Christianity in a brief two or three paragraph document. It is easy to rattle off the Creed “by heart” without giving much thought to the words we’re saying. However, it is vital that we contemplate what we so glibly recite so that we know exactly what we believe and why we believe it. Let’s be like the person who knows what he or she believes and is willing to take to the streets to defend their beliefs and not like the person just going with “the flow” because it seems like a nice idea. Take a “selah” moment to meditate on our Christian Creed along with Pastor Ruth today and internalize anew the what and the why of your faith.

Here is the bulletin for Sunday.
Bulletin 7-20-2014 final


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