What Are You Craving?

Everyone has cravings for one thing or another. Some people crave chocolate while others crave salty things like potato chips. Another person might be craving muktuk right now and still others may have a yen for ice cream. Commercials play on our cravings. You might be watching your favorite show and a commercial for Lone Star comes on to interrupt your program. Suddenly, even if you weren’t particularly hungry before, you begin to crave a steak. The cravings of expectant mothers have long been the fodder of comics and comedians who joke about poor husbands who get sent out in the middle of the night for some strange thing their wife suddenly has a craving for. Then there are people who have just plain weird cravings such as dirt or eggshells that generally indicate some sort of deficiency in their diet. Deep down in the depths of our soul, however, even if we’re not aware of it, our deepest craving is for the presence of God. It may manifest itself in our lives as something else, but the root of it is a longing for God that cannot and will not be quenched by anything except Him. Just as craving eggshells signals some type of deficiency in the cravers body, cravings for unrelated things or behavior that is “off” can be a signal that the deeper more basic craving for God is being expressed. Pastor Marlan, in Sunday’s message, talks about the cravings we have and how to become more hungry for God and seek Him until that craving is satisfied.

Here is this week’s bulletin
Bulletin 5-18-2014 final


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