You Missed it!

You missed a good time if you missed tonight’s Coffeehouse. Some amazing food, Seattle’s Best Coffee, along with some fun music and good fellowship. From the biggest to the littlest and the oldest to the youngest everyone had a fantastic time. The next Coffeehouse will be June 1st at 5 PM

ch 5-14 a

CH 5-14 b

ch 5-14 brandon

ch 5-14 c

ch 5-14 d

ch 5-14 e

ch 5-14 f

ch 5-14 g

ch 5-14 h

ch 5-14 i

ch 5-14 j

CH 5-14 mckenna 1

CH 5-14 peg car ros

ch 5-14 r n may

ch 5-14 rach

ch 5-14 rei may 2

ch 5-14 rei may 3

ch 5-14 ruth dix

ch 5-14 ruth dixie

ch 5-14 teens 2


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