Cleaning Day

Cleaning is probably not on most people’s bucket list. It’s more likely to rank right up there with visits to the dentist – no offence intended to all of you dentists out there. Nonetheless, nine willing victims cheerfully rolled up their sleeves and tackled winter’s debris left around the church building today. As a result the windows now sparkle, shelving is orderly, all of the cobwebs are gone from the corners, the bathrooms got a deep clean as did the kitchen and sanctuary, and a lot of the junk is now on its way to its final resting place. Many thanks to Joyce, Rosa, Carl, Chris, Tammy, Ronni, Ruth, Marlan, and Heidi for their work today. And special thanks to the two little workers who came along with Carl and Tammy to help out. Kudos to Carl and Tammy for providing lunch for the team. If you missed the work day, never fear; there will be more to come. And if you have a couple hours free once a month sign up for the clean team – they could use some extra hands.
clean 4-14 a

clean 4-14 b

clean 4-14 e

clean 4-14 f

clean 4-14 h

clean 4-14 j

clean 4-14 k

clean 4-114 d


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