Eggs-cellent Fun

I don’t think a person ever outgrows the love of creating something with one’s own hands. Working with simple things like glue, scissors, and paper to make something beautiful is a relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning – it makes you feel like a kid again…except we don’t eat the glue or smear it on the person next to us anymore. Thank you to Collette Fry who taught the class and brought all the fun stuff to turn a carton of plain white blown out eggs into pretty, colorful Easter eggs. Collette demonstrated how to form the paper and glue it to the eggs, making sure the ends were all tucked in and glued down before adding the embellishments. Some of the finished eggs will be on display tomorrow in the sanctuary.  Here are some pictures of the project. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.

eggs 4 eggs 5 eggs 6 eggs 7 eggs 8 eggs 9 eggs 10 eggs 12 eggs 13 eggs 17 eggs 19 eggs 21 eggs 22 egs 20


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