The season of Lent has nearly come to an end. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday when we celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and the beginning of Holy Week. This devotional bids us to wait expectantly as we walk through this final week of Lent together.


They were waiting.

The road was dusty, their feet tired and sore.  There was laundry to do, bread to bake.  The children didn’t understand the fuss, and soon became impatient with the waiting.

And then, he came.

I reflect on this Psalm’s use in Palm Sunday worship and wonder if those who quoted these lines on the way to Jerusalem had any idea what it would mean for the rejected rock to become the cornerstone.  Did they have any idea what they were in for?  The wild and miraculous and heartbreaking and joyous journey to the cross?

Probably not.  But their faith!  Oh, the faith that praises God for salvation that has not yet come.  The faith that joins in with God’s re-creative work in the world.  Salvation has come for us, like it has for the Psalmist.  And like the Palm Sunday celebrants those many years ago, we still don’t see the fullness of that salvation all the time.  We still don’t know what we’re getting into!

So together, we wait.  We are ever closer to the miraculous ending of this Lenten journey of blessing.  And in the waiting, we experience one of the greatest blessings of all: faith!

(c) 2014 Brooklynn Smith San Francisco Theological Seminary



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