Personally, I don’t much like waiting; most people that I know don’t. Here are some devotional thoughts by Holley Gerth that will encourage you in the wait.

“You glance at the clock on the wall, the watch on your wrist, the time ticking away in your heart. It’s so hard to wait. You might begin to wonder if perhaps you’ve done something wrong, if what you thought you heard from God isn’t real, if maybe the promise or desire of your heart will go unfilled.

But while you’re waiting, God is working. Even before you spoke your first prayer, he had already begun. While you are going through each day and sleeping through the night, he is turning his purposes into reality.

It’s hard to not see what God is doing or know when the time will come. Yet that’s what faith means—to believe without sight. To wait, trust, and keep watching. You’ve been doing that on this journey, and God notices. He understands that it’s difficult sometimes. He doesn’t condemn you for wanting it now. Instead he offers all you need to press on to then.

A delay doesn’t mean you’ve taken a detour. It doesn’t mean a closed door. It simply can mean that our ways are not like God’s. The eternal One isn’t limited by time in the way we are here. He has heard you. He still hears you. And he is listening with love.

You have not been overlooked, forgotten, or set aside for something more important. No, my friend, every detail of your circumstance is in his care. You’re never out of his thoughts, never out of his plans. Not for one day. Not for one moment. Not even for a second.

Even as you read this now, he’s working on your behalf. And nothing, not even the hands of time, can hold you back from all he has for your future.”

(c) 2014 Holley Gerth Used with Permission


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