Ghost Busters?

Many people are fascinated by the paranormal today. There is something about that sensational, rather spooky realm that really attracts people from every walk of life. There certainly seems to be plenty of paranormal – or seemingly paranormal – activity going on, and it captivates the attention of a lot of folks: tarot cards, fortune telling, Ouija boards, séances, to name a few.  Even Christians can be drawn into this questionable preoccupation if they are not careful. In the search for guidance or information about future events it is can be easy to fall prey to the temptation to seek for these things using methods that God has forbidden in His Word. It is imperative that we guard our hearts so that we are not drawn into communicating with spirits that are not of God. Such a path will lead us into a place that will open us up to the forces of darkness and lead to bondage. These practices adversely affect our walk with Christ and, in addition, can bring even physical harm to us and those we love. Click on the arrow to listen to Sunday’s message to help you learn to discern the difference between God’s Holy Spirit and an evil spirit in your search for wisdom and guidance.

Here is the March newsletter in case you were not able to get a copy Sunday morning.

March 2014 newsletter




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