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Mercy and Grace

Mercy is not getting what you deserve. You deserve a life sentence, but the Judge lets you go free. Grace is getting what you don’t deserve – getting a huge blessing when you deserve nothing. God made a way for us to be saved and reconciled to Himself because of His mercy and grace. Click on the arrow below to listen to today’s message and learn more about mercy and grace.

here is todays bulletin. pictures of the business meeting will be posted later.

Bulletin 3-30-2014 final



As we come to the close of another week of the Lenten season here is a devotional for you to meditate on this weekend.

1 Samuel 16:1-13

This is the story of God moving Samuel through a transition. “How long will you grieve over Saul?” God asks Samuel. And then God sends Samuel to pursue the next person who will be a blessing to this people as the anointed King. True to form (and many other scriptural stories), God chooses an unexpected one to give Spirit and power, and to bring blessing.

Every person experiences times of transition in life – those times of limbo when you grieve for what is past and feel blind to the possibility of the future. It is so natural for us to cling to what is familiar and to resist letting go of the lost, much like Samuel is doing in his grief process with Saul.

And yet, God ushers us toward a newness. Most often, the next blessing in our lives comes in an unexpected and even resisted form. It comes in the form of what we perceive to be lowly, or too young, or even completely inappropriate.

God is ushering us toward newness, but what are we doing in this process?

As the scripture says, God is looking at our hearts.

Lent is a time to practice surrendering the old ways of our hearts and being open to new ways that we might be ready to receive the new blessings that God is gracing into our lives.

What practices are you taking on? What practices are you surrendering from your life? And how do these prepare your heart to receive new blessings from the God of blessings?

(c) 2014 Marissa Danney   SFTS M.Div. Senior Student  

San Francisco Theological Seminary

Friday Night at the Movies

Hey, all of you teens! If you’re looking for something to do this coming Friday evening, March 28th, head on over to JCC for a movie night. Bring your friends and enjoy some yummy snacks, and relax while watching a clean, uplifting movie. The fun starts at 6:30 PM, so head on over. Contact for more information.


meetingJust a quick reminder that following the service this coming Sunday, March 30th, JCC will be holding the 1st annual business meeting. We want each person to come and be a part of this important facet of church life. It’s important that each of us take ownership of the church leading to a personal, active interest in her affairs. This interest includes praying for the church family and leadership as well as attending and participating in formal meetings such as the upcoming business meeting.  We will have lunch together right after the service and go directly into the business meeting. Those who are not members of JCC are welcome to attend, but will not be able to vote on issues.  Thank you for being a part of JCC! We appreciate you.

Plans, Purposes, and Points

Often times when one is reading a familiar story it’s easy to skim over it and not only not recall what was just read, but miss the point contained in the story. In all of the stories we read in the Bible God has a plan, a purpose, and a point. If we hurry through the text, and don’t take time to read mindfully we may miss the main idea. In this week’s message Pastor Marlan talks about the story of Joshua and the people of Israel as they prepared to possess the land that God had promised to them. God had a plan, a purpose, and a point to all the express commands that He gave concerning the winning of the battle of Jericho. It was crucial to a successful outcome for them to be quiet, wait on God rather than running ahead, and to obey His directives instead of their own ideas of how things should be done. It is equally important for us as we follow Christ today to make sure that we are listening for the plan, purpose and point, and then follow our marching orders. Click on the arrow below to listen to the message.



Here is the bulletin for this week

Bulletin 3-23-2014 final

The Blessing of Embodiment

Life is super busy for everyone, and stopping to take time to contemplate the season that we’re in seems almost impossible sometimes. Here is another wonderful devotional to help you put the world on pause for a little while and think about Jesus’ life, death, and sacrifice and what it means to you.

2 Corinthians 4:1-12

” Throughout the Corinthian letters, the Apostle Paul riffs on the image of “body” as a primary way of understanding our life in Christ. In 1 Corinthians, when the Corinthian community is broken into factions, Paul reminds them that though they are many, they form one body: “Now you are the body of Christ, and individually members of it.” In today’s text from 2 Corinthians, he gets even more personal. Paul writes that we always carry around in our body the life and death of Jesus, so that the life and death of Jesus may be revealed in us. The season of Lent makes that assurance rather daunting, as we remember that the life of Christ includes the breadth of life: wilderness temptation, works of healing, hard teachings, welcoming those at the margins, loss, overturned tables, broken bread, a life poured out, betrayal, Gethsemane, struggle and conflict, and a cross that opens up to new life.

During the season of Lent, what does it mean to you to  say that we carry around in our body the life and death of Christ?

Today, how can you carry the life and death of Christ into the world for the blessing of the world God loves?”

excerpt from a San Francisco Theological Seminary devotional (c) 2014 Rev. Scott Clark   SFTS Chaplain and Associate Dean of Student Life Used with permission