The One Question Pop Quiz

Picture1In school one of the most dreaded things a student might hear are the words “pop quiz today”. It’s do or die; either you listened in class and are prepared or, well… Thankfully most pop quizzes don’t determine your entire grade, so flunking a pop quiz probably won’t mean a failing grade for the class. However, there is coming a pop quiz of sorts that every human on the planet, past, present, and future, will have to take. This “pop quiz” will have eternal ramifications far beyond flunking a class and losing a credit. If you flunk this test you don’t just flunk a class, you flunk life and you lose everything. This quiz has only one true or false question that you must answer: Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of my life T/F. The correct answer will determine your final, eternal destination. If you are a Jesus follower you can rest assured that you have the correct answer – which is a very good thing for you. Nonetheless, there are those who currently cannot give a “T” answer, and are in danger of flunking life. It is our job as those who do  have the assurance of the correct answer, if at all possible, to help those who do not yet have that assurance. Click on the arrow below to listen to today’s message by Mike Fields and find out the how and the why of our…tutoring… assignment.  Following also is a  youtube link to a video that Mike played at the end of his message. Click on the link to hear the video.

Here is the bulletin from this week

Bulletin 2-23-2014 final



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