Business Meeting

chc mtgIf the term “business meeting” makes you want to run and hide please consider this: while a business meeting can sometimes be boring – or at other times fraught with too much excitement in the form of highly emotionally charged ummmm… discussions – it is nonetheless a vital part of church life in most denominations including the Assemblies of God. It is here that one can get a better picture of the flow of the church over the course of a year as well as gain enlightenment on the direction that the church body is heading in the future. It is an opportunity to have a voice in church governance and, working with the other church members, to influence the direction of the church body with which you fellowship and that you call your own. So if you are a member of Joy Christian Center, do yourself and your church family a favor and plan on attending the JCC business meeting Sunday, February 23rd at 5:00 PM. Thank you!

Note: If you are not a JCC member but attend JCC you are welcome to attend the meeting as well, though you will not be able to vote on the issues presented.


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