Superpower, Anyone?

All sorts of people purchase all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons. There are ads out there that promise instant energy, instant youthfulness, instant health or beauty, or even instant wealth if the viewer will simply purchase their product. No more wrinkles. Banish the fat. Become a millionaire – or look and feel like a one anyway. So what if you were offered a little box the contents of which would give you instant power – superpower, in fact, that would dramatically empower and improve your life, would you jump at the offer? No popping vitamins or special herbal blend pills, no shooting up with steroids, no rigorous weight training necessary. Sound appealing? This power is being offered, prepaid by the death and resurrection of Jesus, to each and every person today who will believe and receive the gift that God is graciously offering. Click on the arrow below to listen to this week’s message and find out how you can access the power that will transform your life.

Here is the bulletin for this week. If you have trouble opening the file, you may need to try using a different browser; Explorer and Firefox work well. If that doesn’t work shoot us an email at  and we’ll send you a PDF via email.

bulletin 2-9-2014 final


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