Saturday morning the set up team congregated in the JCC sanctuary and turned the sanctuary into a tropical paradise for the Valentine Luau. Palm trees sprouted up along the beach front that graced the front of the room, and tiki torches lined the platform. Tropical fruit and flowers grew atop the brightly colored tables dotting the sanctuary. Delicious smelling candles brought the fragrance of the Island into the room and almost made you feel like you were really standing in the tropics. Thank you to Bonnie Hughes, Pastor Ruth and Pastor Marlan, Ronni and Grace Bolt, Elizabeth, and Mike & Heidi for your work setting the scene and creating the mood for the luau.

Around 70 people converged on JCC’s Coffeehouse Valentine Luau, and what a fantastic crowd they were. The attendees were treated to Kalua Pig, Pulehu chicken, macaroni salad, rice, and a green salad compliments of Hula Hands restaurant on Fireweed lane. The Women of Joy – and a couple of the guys as well – supplied  the most amazing assortment of scrumptious desserts for the delighted diners to top off the evening’s repast. Ronni Bolt headed up the serving team. The JCC teens and one of the young adults served the tasty fare to the hungry party goers with professional, fast and friendly service. Several kinds of juice as well as Italian soda, tea, and coffee were available at the serve yourself coffee and beverage bar.

As the guests noshed, Tasigal Toilolo and her family, a friend of Pastor Marlan and fellow police chaplain, provided a variety of worship music in both English and Samoan. They did a tremendous job, the lovely, heartfelt melody and harmony swelling to fill the room. A drawing was held in between the musical segments for the array of door prizes donated for the affair. Quite a few lucky people went home with some nice gifts. In addition, Pastor Ruth led an icebreaker activity during the intermission time which had everyone seated at the various tables making friends in no time at all.

Thank you to Mike Fields and Pastor Marlan for MC-ing the event. Thank you to Pastor Ruth for doing greeter duty and as wellas the game time activity. Thank you to Ronni Bolt for overseeing the serving. Thank you to Dakota, Thomas, Amber, Grace, and Tirzah for serving; well done! Thank you to Joe Pokupec for setting up the platform and running sound. Thank you to Tas and family for the heavenly worship music. Thank you to Hula Hands for so generously donating the food for the evening’s dinner.  Thank you to everyone who brought a dessert and those who helped tear down and clean up plus all of you wonderful folks who came to be a part of the luau tonight.

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