Selective Hearing Loss?

When I was a kid my mom always used to say “Little pitchers have big handles” whenever she didn’t want us to hear something that the adults were talking about and they always took the hint and changed the subject or made the kids leave the room. On the other hand, we used to experience, according to my mom, selective hearing loss on a regular basis whenever there was something that we did not want to hear, such as Mom telling us about some unpleasant task that needed to be done. Humans are funny that way, aren’t they? Not that anyone reading this post suffers from either hearing too much or too little, though, I’m sure. This weekend’s message examines the subject of listening. Click the arrow below to hear some fantastic thoughts to spur us on to being better listeners. Scroll down and click on the link to read this week’s bulletin as well to stay on top of JCC events.

bulletin 12-29-13 final


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