Labels can be a really good thing. We label folders, different kinds of media, and storage boxes so that we know what’s in each one. You can look at two articles of clothing that are almost exactly the same, but one has a particular label and costs ten times more than the other one simply because of whose name is on the label. Because we humans like to categorize everything in our lives, we tend not only to label clothing or various containers, but we also like to label the people around us. We know what the contents of storage boxes are so the labeling them for future reference are a good thing; it helps us stay organized. However, as a general rule, we do not know what is inside a person, and when we slap a label on them, we do them a disservice to them as a person. By labeling people we can inadvertently throw a proverbial monkey wrench into the destiny that God has for that particular individual. Sunday’s message addresses this issue and encourages us to throw off labels that have been put on us and pursue all that we can be in God. Click on the arrow below and listen to this encouraging lesson.

In addition you can read this month’s newsletter by clicking on the link.


January 2014 Newsletter


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