It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

P1010068 P1010071Many thanks to those who came out and helped decorate the church building this morning. The party got under way at 10 AM as the workers trooped in and began the transformation process. Thanks to the very tall people all of the lights around the sanctuary were hung along with the danglies and sparklies from the ceiling. The not so tall people worked on decorating the tree, setting up the nativity scene, untangling strands of lights, putting hooks on the ornaments, and decorating the entry way and reception areas. Nick and Rachael beautified the kids ministry area, and the littlest decorator  put the star on top the tree – with a little help from a friend. The team enjoyed lunch together and then cleaned up the sanctuary while Richard cleaned up the kitchen. Thanks to Rosa Kingsbury, Carolyn Burden, Dixie Hansen, Sherry and Doug Livengood, Nick and Rachael Humphries, McKenna, Richard, Pastors Marlan and Ruth, and Heidi Fields.P1010078 P1010074 P1010072 P1010071

P1010080 P1010079






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