Our God is Compassionate and Gracious

God is love. We hear that all the time. But what does that mean? Today’s devotional, reposted from Faithgateway.com, shares an idea of what part of that love might look like fleshed out.

Imagine living in the ancient Near East in 1500 BC. You’re a Hebrew, formerly a slave in Egypt, now traipsing through the desert around Mount Sinai.

You inhabit a spiritually charged universe of “gods” and “goddesses.” And these divine beings are anything but nice. Read any ancient text. The gods were mean — finicky and capricious and ready to fly off the handle at the slightest infraction.

So, you made sacrifices. Naturally. To keep the gods off your back. Or maybe to get the gods on your side. At first it was a bird or a goat. Then you ratchet up to a bull. But eventually they might ask for your child. Maybe even your firstborn.

Anybody remember History of World Civilization class from freshman year? Think of the story of Troy. It takes place around the same read more

source: faithgateway.com


God Says You Are Enough

I don’t know many people who don’t struggle with feelings of  inadequacy at least some of the time. Today’s devotional reposted from Faithgateway.com addresses this feeling with the encouraging reminder that because God in us is enough we are too.


We are a generation of women who have never worked harder to have it all, yet go to bed most nights worrying that we aren’t enough. We are constantly asking “Why?” We are constantly measuring. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, if you’re married, if you’re rich, poor, old, young, in college, or out of college. Every human heart struggles with this. We are always looking around to see how we measure up to everyone around us and usually focusing on all the ways we fall short.

I believe our struggle with wondering if we are enough goes back primarily to how much we trust God. We aren’t struggling because of the specifics of our circumstances as much as we are struggling because we fail to trust God to give us what we need, to show us where read more

source: faithgateway.com


Hope is a good deal more than wishful thinking or keeping a positive attitude. Hope is a confident, joyful expectation of good. Sunday’s message talks about what hope is and is not and the importance of hope in our Christian walk. Click on the arrow to listen to the message.


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Stop Complaining and Start Releasing

Our tongues can be either helpful or harmful. We can use them to complain about people or situations or use them to release what God’s Word says and see our situation turn around. Today’s devotional is an exhortation to do the latter. Let’s put it into practice today!


And the Lord would say, “There are many that have not been releasing My words over your situations. You are complaining, you are fretting, you’re not sleeping, but I would say to you, if you would take My Word and begin to speak what My Word says, you will find that the impossible becomes possible. You will see those things that are troubling you begin to go from the troubling list to the miracle list.”

“For I would say to you, I have plans for you. I have plans to  continue reading

source: Generals International

Scandalous Grace

Think you are the only one who has professed Christ as your Lord yet still struggle with areas in your life that are less than christ-like? Hardly. Today’s devotional explores the scandalous grace that God offers us both for salvation and for the daily sanctification process.


We Don’t Have to go so Fast

Do we want to go faster or further? Do we want to be able to hang in there for the long haul and not burn out half way to our goal? Today’s devotional, reposted from Holley Gerth’s blog, encourages us to pause to consider and adjust our pace accordingly.



Sunday the JCC family celebrated communion together. Pastor Marlan shared a brief message and several JCC members shared testimonies. We apologize for the lack in quality of the recording.


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