The Blessed Life Part 2

Pastor Caleb continued the Blessed Life message series on being a giver yesterday. Click here to listen to the sermon. Click on the Publications page to read this week’s bulletin. Thanks for being a part of our online family! Have a great week.


Divine Interference

Interference can be good or bad. It can even be good but feel bad as today’s devotional, written by Stasi Eldrege and reposted from, tells us. Thank God He is a faithful, interfering God whose intent is to redeem and restore us.

“Jesus crossed the Sea of Galilee, all sixty-four square miles, to get to this one man. And He has crossed galaxies and heavenly realms to get to you. He passed through unimaginable opposition and endured unfathomable suffering to get to you. To mess with you. He has come, and He is coming still. To save us. To read more




The Blessed Life Week 1

Welcome to another month and a new series at JCC. Pastor Caleb began a new lesson series entitled The Blessed Life, which deals with the discipline of giving. Go to our Facebook page to watch this message. Click on the Publications page of this blog to read October’s newsletter.

Evangelism Part 5

Sunday’s message was the final message in the series on evangelism. If you would like to listen to it you can go to our Facebook page and click on the videos. As always click on the Publications page to read this week’s bulletin. Thank you for being a part of our online family! God bless you abundantly.

Compelled: Being a Light in a Dark World

Pastor Mike brought the 4th installment of September’s series on evangelism. Unfortunately we had a glitch with the internet and the broadcast was interrupted, so here is the first part, and then click on the arrow below to listen to the rest of the message. We apologize for the interruption. Thanks for listening!


click on the Publications page of this blog to read this week’s bulletin


I don’t know about you, but I’m not very good at waiting patiently. If you are in the middle of a long season of waiting or if you have already been, today’s devotional about waiting, reposted from will be a wonderful encouragement for you.

“A woman’s car stalls in traffic. She looks in vain under the hood to identify the cause, while the driver behind her leans relentlessly on his horn. Finally she has had enough. She walks back to his car and read more


Fall Fun

Fall officially begins Sunday, September 23rd, but if you live up north like we do fall has been here for awhile already. So here is a fun family activity originally posted on to kick off your fall season wherever you might live. If you don’t have kids call up some friends and make a night or an afternoon of it and enjoy the new season.


“Fall is my favorite season!  I think I’d go in mourning if I ever had to move to an area of the world that doesn’t experience the crisp, cool breezes and vibrant colors and scents of autumn!

What’s not to read more